Redhawks News · McCants Chosen to Cross Country Shrine Bowl Team

The Shrine Bowl Run in South Carolina was started in 1986 by Everett Stoudenmire, with the help of the South Carolina Track and Cross-Country Coaches Association. The Shriner’s hospital for Children has received more than 51 million dollars from Shrine Bowl Games across the United States. The first Carolina Shrine Bowl football game was played in Charlotte in 1937.

The Shrine Bowl Runners are escorted by the South Carolina Highway Patrol and are managed by the Shriners of the Jamil Temple. This year, Paul McCants was chosen to represent Westwood based on his stellar Senior Cross Country Season. Paul finished 13th in the State 4A meet this past Saturday and was named to the 4A All-State Team.

Congratulations to Paul as he is only the second Westwood Cross Country runner to ever achieve this high honor!

For more information on this year’s Shrine Bowl visit the link below: