Redhawks News · WHS Tennis vs AC Flora (RESCHEDULED to SEPT 14th)

Today’s Home Tennis Match vs AC Flora has been rescheduled to Monday September 14th @ 5:00pm. The following Covid Procedures will be in place for all WHS Home Tennis Matches:

180 Turkey Farm Road, Blythewood SC 29016

Tennis Covid Capacity 200


Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we want to communicate with all of our parents, community, opposing teams, opposing coaches, and patrons the following guidelines we will be adhering to for all Westwood Home Tennis Matches.

Spectator Entrance: All Spectators and Visiting teams will enter the Tennis facility at the steps located at the Practice field directly in front of the 200 wing of the main building. Spectator parking will be located in front of the 200 building parking area (see aerial map).

Spectator Requirements: All spectators will need to wear a mask before entering the facility and masks must remain on while watching the matches in our facility. Restrooms are located at the concessions building on the far side of the courts and should be limited to 2 people at a time. Masks should be worn going to and inside the restroom.

Spectator Seating: All bleachers will be off limits to spectators. The viewing area will have spaces marked for spectators to view the matches with the practice of Social Distancing. One set of bleachers will be reserved for the home and visiting teams. The team area (located in front of the shed near court #1) is off limits to spectators and is only for athletes and coaches. At the conclusion of the matches, we ask that everyone leave the facility immediately and do not congregate around the facility.

Coach/Team Member Information:

  • No water will be provided at the tennis courts. Players are encouraged to bring their own water bottles.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available on each court.
  • There will be a designated team seating/standing area for team players that are waiting to or have finished playing. Players are to be socially distanced within this assigned seating/standing area and wearing masks.
  • Players are REQUIRED TO WEAR FACE COVERING when not actively participating.
  • Coaches are REQUIRED TO WEAR FACE COVERING at all times.
  • Tennis balls will be marked for each player. Each player will touch only her tennis balls. For example on Court 1, the visitor tennis balls will be marked V1 and the home tennis players balls will be marked H1.
  • Only Home team players are allowed to post scores.
  • During the match players will change sides of the court on opposite sides of each other.
  • Athletes and coaches are not allowed to shake hands before or after the contest.