We are so sorry that our Senior Night Recognition and Homecoming Activities will not be taking place tonight. We have worked hard this morning to try and create another night where we recognize all of our Seniors who make Friday Nights at “The CASTLE” a special place. In addition, we also want to be able to conduct our Homecoming Activities for those participating in our Homecoming Court.

On Wednesday November 4th, we will conduct our Senior Night Recognition and Homecoming Activities in our Football Stadium beginning at 7:00pm. All Social Distancing and Face Coverings are still required and we are asking that everyone who attends to claim a complimentary ticket from our website. All attendees will need a ticket so we can keep up with how many people enter the home side of the stadium.

Those participating in this event will be emailed a passcode to ensure you and your escorts receive a ticket. Your Coach or Director will be sending you your code to use for those specific tickets.

We look forward to celebrating you and naming our new Homecoming Queen and Homecoming King on Wednesday.

To claim tickets go to the Tickets tab at the top right corner of our athletic website

Below is a timeline of our planned ceremony:

7:00 Begin Senior Recognition

7:25 Homecoming Activities

7:45 Conclusion